Indoff Tidewater

"We're All Your Office Needs"


Indoff Tidewater offers an abundance of solutions for the facility coordinator, supply office, office buyer, and the end user.

 Indoff Tidewater provides a complete line of office supplies, computer supplies, printer supplies, breakroom supplies, cleaning supplies, office furniture, and first aid equipment; all stocked in strategic distribution centers throughout the United States to provide one to two day service on over 50,000 different items.

In August 2012, Indoff partnered with Shelby Distribution from El Paso, TX to serve the Federal Government with the FSSI Contract.

Indoff Tidewater also represents over 30 furniture manufacturers to facilitate any need. From accessories to system workstations and everything in between. Project Management, planning, design, processing, installation, warehousing, warranty maintenance, and many more services are standard.